Márton Nemes – Painted Paint EXHIBITION OPENING – 28. 11. 2014.

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Márton Nemes – Painted Paint

EXHIBITION OPENING – 28. 11. 2014.

“Painted Paint” is the third solo exhibition by Márton Nemes  in the Paksi Képtár (Paks Art Gallery). Since 2013 the artist is represented by Erika Deák Gallery, one of the internationally most widely acknowledged gallerys in Budapest. In spring 2013 Nemes’s works were exhibited at the Zagreb Contemporary Art Museum. An other step forward was the invitation from Paksi Képtár, a rather rare opportunity for an artist under the age of 30.


Paksi Képtár has a more than 4000 quadratmeters big exhibition space. Since its opening it has housed many important exhibitions from Hungary and from abroad. Not less importantly in 2009 the building was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe  Award, clearly illustrating its dedicatedness towards progressive art tendencies.


Nemes explores forms of expression on the boundaries of figural and abstract art. His early works have mostly been inspired by architectural motives and built structures. The works presented at his first solo exhibition in Erika Deák Gallery depicted closed shop windows, mouldering walls and abandoned buildings, all displaying signs of a transformation caused by natural decay. The works of the present exhibition are also defined by his approach of this „organic” abstraction. They are no longer portrayals of the buildings themselves, but of their very details: surfaces and fragments. As it is underlined by the title of the exhibition (Painted Paint), the different painting techniques and layers of paint on Nemes’s new pictures can be perceived as images of real existing surfaces.


The exhibition will be opened by Dóra Maurer, one of the internationally most renowned contemporary artists of Hungary, an outstanding master of „hard edge geometry” and conceptual art who was Nemes’s teacher at Budapest University of Applied Arts.

The vernissage will be followed by a live act by Mike Nylons.


Until 22 February 2015.


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