Call for artists, architects and designers: DECODE 2020

Blog » Call for artists, architects and designers: DECODE 2020

DECODE competition is open for entries yet again. Young artists can enter in the categories of art and architecture. Choose your favourite project and tell us the story behind the concept! Thanks to the supporters and the popularity of the event the renumeration of the award this year is 1,200,000 HUF in total. In addition to these good news the exhibition will not only be accessible in person but virtually as well.

BORD Contemporary Architectural and Art Foundation is organizing a prize competition and exhibition entitled DECODE. The organizers is expecting entries that are built around stories. The aim of the exhibition is to demonstrate the thoughts or philosophical ideas behind architectural and artistic projects that make them unique and valuable artifacts.


DECODE competition rules

The competition invites all Hungarians and foreigners who are aged 18-35 and have a degree from a university or art school (or are still students, intern or scholarship holders in any of these institutions) in architecture or visual/applied art (designer, fine artist, artist, new media/video artist or photographer).  The organizers accept team applications as well and it is particularly appreciated if mixed teams apply. In the case of a mixed team (architects and artists) an application can only be entered in one category  chosen by the team itself.

In order to take part in the competition, applicants must register.

Applicants can register on with the subject: “registration” until 18 October 2020. Applications are to be sent in after receiving the confirmation for the registration until midday, 22. October 2020.

The registration email must include:

  • name of applicant(s)
  • birth date of applicant(s)
  • short professional CV (max 1000 characters)
  • category (architecture or visual/applied art)

Subject of DECODE Competition and the material to be handed in 

The task of competitors is to present an own work that is built on the concept of a philosophical idea. How is a creation born? There is a given task or topic, in the case of architecture the location which is accompanied by an idea or inspiration that will build up a story. This story building up the concept will appear throughout the creative process the end result of which is a strong, unique artifact. Our task is to draw attention to the philosophical background of art and introduce that in a widely comprehensible way. Therefore the main element of the competition project is to present its concept.

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„The title of the competition: DECODE means that it is possible to grasp the stories hidden in the work we have created together with our clients and partners. So the task is to find and decipher these stories and create new ones – each of us has a different one!” – BORD

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